[Graphics Card]Buying a vd and need help with PS please.

Hello gents,

I just signed up on Tom's forum so i can ask you smart people some questions.

I've been searching around for my christmas buy :D and I would like to buy the 8800GT from nVidia.

My power supply however, is not powerful enough to handle it apparently.
Can one of you suggest a cheap but strong enough ps to handle the card?


It seems on newegg, the 8800GT is only selling from the PCIE 2.0 version. My motherboard one PCI and one PCI-Ex16 slots. Will this matter if i put the card in the 16x slot?

Any other suggestions are welcomed =)

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  1. No it will work fine in the Pci-ex16 slot, it's backwards compatible.

    What PSU do you currently have? What's your budget for a psu?

    Corsair vx450, hx520, or hx620 would all work fine. It really depends on your budget.
  2. Overall, i can spend about $450.

    My current PSU is a HIPRO, it says on the box, that max output is 300V.
    I have no idea what that means thou.
  3. What's the total amps on the 12+ rails? From the wattage I'm guessing it is going to struggle if it can run the card at all.

    So basically you're left with about $150 for a psu?
    This would suit you fine:

    If you're on a budget, then the vx450 will suffice as well:
  4. Here is what is says complety on the box:

    AC Input (47-63Hz): 100-127 V/8A

    DC output: +5V=25A , +12V=19/A
    +3.3V=18/A , -12V=0.8/A
    +5VSB = /2A

    +5V & 3.3V shall not exceed 175W
    +5V & 12V shall not exceed 268W

    Max Output power- 300 W

    If this doesnt work, i'll go ahead and buy the one you suggested.
  5. 19 Amps...it may run it, but it's going to be struggling, a lot...

    Do you want the PSU to be future proof? If not, then would work for now:

    When do you think you will be upgrading again? I would suggest going with a future-proof PSU just so you don't have to upgrade it again.

    The vx450 will handle your PC very nicely. The hx520/620 are just more future-proof, so that decision goes back to you.
  6. I'll hold on to my future 8800GT for maybe 1.5-2 years. Depending on the market. Which PSU would you suggest then, if i go with future-proof?

    btw, thanks for all the help so far. It has really cleared things up.
  7. Another vote for the vx450. It should power anything aside from an SLI or Crossfire setup.
  8. I went for the hx520 just in case card power requirements go up in another couple years, but the 450 would be fine. They are solid PSUs.
  9. Thanks guy. I purchased my 8800GT and the 450W PSU for a total of $472.95.

    They have some 8800GT's in stock in TigerDirect. It'll ship to me by the 28th also. PSU will come in 1-3 days.

    Thanks for all the help.
  10. Sounds good. Looks like a very solid system.
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