4:3 5:4 picture on a 1680* 1050 monitor

Hello, I'm going to buy a stationary computer in the near future. As I like to play some older games that lackes the suport of wide screen picture, I thougt that i'd go for a monitor with normal wide hight relation. However I just resently picked up that there are widescreen monitors like the: Samsung 2032BW and the Lg l222ws-sn which can show 5:4 and 4:3 material withoute rescaling it. This seems to be a good solution as you get 3 monitors in one so to speak. I have a couple of questions about this:

1) Can the screen take damage from showing a picture with black borders for a long period of time?

2) Is it a worse strain for the eyes to wath a picture with black borders instead of a full screen picture?

3) Can demanding games like Crysis that probably will be hard to run in 1680*1050 res take benefitte from lowering the res to 1280* 1024 when it comes to framerate that is?

4) Does a 20 " screen with the same amount of pixels as a 22" screen give a more "densed" and therefore clearer picture than the 22"? Some say that the 22" is easyer on the eyes so to speak?

Im wery thankful if someone with experiense from these monitors can giwe some help regarding these issues.

P.S. I appologuise for any bad spelling or wrong using of terms as english is'nt my first language.
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  1. Hi and welcome to the forum im not an expert on these things but will tell you what i know.

    1. If its a Lcd screen then its ok they dont get the image burnt in to the screen thing the way a CRT used to you in fact dont actually need a screen saver on a LCD screen as it does nothing for the screen it would be better to let it hibernate.

    2. I dont see how. the side of the monitor or a tv are basically black bands i have never noticed any problems when watching a widescreen movie on a standard screen in a letterbox (lines top and bottom)

    3. This all depends on your hardware and how well its balanced if you are running at 1680x1050 it is reasonable to assume that it will run faster at 1280x1024 and this would normally be the case. But it is possable that this will not be the case sometimes this just allows the GPU to run faster (its doing less now) than the CPU can keep up with, this will cause an artificial bottleneck on the CPU.
    This would typically happen with a high end GPU and lower end CPU.You wont really know untill you try it but normally it would work the way you suggest.

    4. This im really not sure on you will have to wait for someone with more knowledge in this area than myself.

    Mactronix :)
  2. Thx for the good answer. Seems like the samsung or LG monitor would be a good buy.
  3. No probs glad to help.
    If i was you though i would wait for some more replies before jumping in and buying something sometimes people will come along with better /cheaper alternatives than you are planning.
    Also its always good to get a second opinion.
  4. Ok thx
  5. Something to keep in mind ..... 22" monitors are all built with TN panels which can only display 6 bit color (262,144 colors) and other LCD's based on different panels (S-IPS, P-MVA, ... ) display 8 bit color (16,777,216 colors). A couple of days ago I got my hands on a Benq 24" with 8bit color to replace my Viewsonic 22" with 6bit color and I am amazed with the difference !!! Everything looks better .... web sites, movies, games even the desktop seem more vibrant ! True 8bit panels are more expensive but if you have the budget for it IMO go for the image quality those panels will give you.
  6. Yes i've heared that other panels than tn work better when you want to display colours correctely, but i've also heared that the tn are quite good when it comes to response time which maybe important when gaming. But I'll check the IMO panels out.
    Thx for the tip Smartel7070.

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