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How do you calibrate Microsoft office so that the 100% view is real size. Right now I have to goto like 120% to see the actual size.
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  1. Are you using VGA cable by any chance? Do you have any graphic scaling options on your PC?
  2. I am using a 7750 at home and I am not sure if CCC can do scaling. If that would work, how would it work? Next, I am using a dvi - vga with vga at my monitor.

    Also, I have a laptop with not dedicated graphics card and am wondering if that would work as wel?
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    CCC can do scaling. VGA cable on the monitor end is most likely the culprit: the computer cannot detect real monitor size.

    Also, what do you mean by if you laptop could work?
  4. I have laptop with HD3000 intel graphics and is there a way for that laptop to also be made into 100%?
  5. So you get the same result on your laptop? What is your monitor model and what resolution is it set to?
  6. So my laptop is a Dell E6410.
    I am currently docked most of the time on a 1600x1200 dual monitors.
    However, it's native is like 1280x800. Would it be possible for word 100% to be accurate when docked and when undocked?

    Btw, thanks for getting my home computer to work.
  7. Dell has few variants of specs. Which graphics card is inside yours?
  8. It's the integrated graphic card form intel, no dedicated card.
  9. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no experience with Intel cards whatsoever. However, there should be similar scaling settings in Intel control panel (or whatever it's called).

    P. S. Are you sure you're running monitor recommended resolution?
  10. I figured it out. You can change the DPI on Win7 which actually changes the DPI for everything including Microsoft word so now my 100% word looks 100%.
  11. I'm glad you were able to figure it all out. Sorry I couldn't tell you the exact solution :).
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