P35 Motherboard with 2 IDE ports

Does anyone make a P35 motherboard with 2 IDS ports? I have 2 IDE HDs and 2 IDE DVD drives that I don't want to toss. I'm looking to upgrade to a Q6600 CPU, but I can't find a motherboard that will support 4 IDE drives.

Does everyone just toss their IDE drives when they get a new motherboard?
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  1. I used a couple to make computers for family to use.

    For some I bought a couple of external enclosures with built in fans and put the old IDE drives inside them, and have them connected to my computer via USB.

    Some I gave away after a Dban Nuke whipping.

    One I made into a clock.
  2. AFAIK, P35 series no longer has official support for IDE but 3rd party vendors rigged it up with a IDE controller to compensate. If you really need to keep them, you can try one of those SATA to IDE interfaces but I hear those are flaky at best. If I were you, I'd just toss the DVD drives and keep the IDE HDDs; DVD drives are pretty cheap these days.
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