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Hi, I dont know if its the right place to post this. I cant find any danish sites to get prober help. So here is my problem.

When i play games, my computer's sreen goes black after a few minutes in the game, and sometimes if im lucky (and sometimes by pressing alt+tab, win-key or ctrl-alt-del), i go to windows, and then return to the game and play again.
Other times the screen stays black, and then i have to reboot. in both circumstances, the sound goes in a loop.
The games, where the computer does these things is in, battlefield 2, nfs prostreet and Age of empires 3. I havent tried other games, but im pretty sure my computer will do the same thing.
The "funny" thing is, that when decreases the resoulution, the game will run for a longer time, but in the end, still go down.
i can play bf2 for about 15 min with 1024x768, but when i set to 1680x1050 it only takes a few minutes for crash.

GPU: 1x MSI Radeon HD 2600 XT (PCIe x16)
RAM: 2x 512 PC3200 (CPU-Z says the name is Infineon)
PSU: Corsair HX620W
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3700+, San Diego (clk 2,2 ghz)
HDD: 2x Western digital WD5000AAKS 500gb sata2

OS: Win XP Pro, reformatted a few days ago.

the, psu, mb and gpu i bought a month ago.

I dont use the onboard digital sound card, since the driversoftware is crappy, but instead an old creative soundblaster live card.

I use ATI 7.10 drivers, and directX 9.0c
I have tried som older versions of the drivers, but no luck.

The ram is some random discount ram, so naturely i checked them.
I downloaded memtest, and burned as a bootable cd, but it said that nothing was wrong.

The reason why i posted in this cathegry, is because i think the graphic card to be the problem.
I thought about some more cabinet ventilation would help. but i have 2x 80mm in front and a 120mm in back, so that dosent seem logical.

So final, I have tried some things, which maybe could be the problem, but with no luck, and its very frustrating, having bought some new hw which dosent work.

Any good ideas?
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  1. I'd try reinstalling the drivers first - use Driver Cleaner Pro or another cleaning program. This takes unistalling the drivers, restarting in safe-mode and cleaning with the program, but it's worth the time.
    Monitor you GPUs heat also as it could be heat related.
  2. I had these problem as well with my system. Turned out to be the ram, although memtest showed it as good. I tweaked the memory timings and voltages and now the pc is stable.

    Another solution is that maybe the cpu isn't getting enough voltage.
  3. Evilonigiri said:
    I had these problem as well with my system. Turned out to be the ram, although memtest showed it as good. I tweaked the memory timings and voltages and now the pc is stable.

    Another solution is that maybe the cpu isn't getting enough voltage.

    Memtest will sometimes not detect bad RAM 100% of the time, but Memtesr86+ dose.
  4. your problem sounds like a textbook overheating example. could also be under-voltage though, but both would more than likely be a problem with the card itself. this would also explain the reason you can play at lower resolutions for a longer period of time: the video card would be under less stress. whenever i overclock my video card too much, the exact same thing happens.

    try switching out the card you have with a friend's card and see if you still get the issue. also try downloading ati tool or a similar program and UNDERclocking your video card quite a bit to see if you can get it to run properly this way. if neither of these things work, then troubleshoot your ram, but this sounds like it's probably a video card problem.
  5. sorry for havent answered this before, but i have been a little busy.

    In my bios I changed the power settings from auto to manual, with the following settings:
    CPU freq: 220
    PCIE freq: 100
    CPU multiplier: x11
    CPU voltage: 1.4 (range 0.8 - 1.4)
    DDR voltage: auto (range 2.65 - 3.20)
    PCIE voltage: 1.3 (range 1.2 - 1.5)

    I dont know what to set my ram for, since they are some discount ram, and therfore maybe cant handle that much of voltage.
    On the ram it just says, PC3200, CL3.0, DDR.

    i overclocked my CPU a little, and that dosent seem to be a problem.
    the idle temp is about 33 C.

    But a god thing is, that after i changed to these settings, the system is more stable than before, however not completely.
    I can run BF2 in 1680x1050 for maybe half an hour
  6. I had the same problem with my 8800 ultra factory overclocked GPU. After trying new motherboard, ram, driverclean and all the other hacks, it ended up being my video card was overheating. I would not ever know this until I installed teh MSI tools that detects my cards temperature. When I played the game it would stop the game and the utility showed my card was getting too hot. So I did a RMA and they sent it back to me fixed and all is good. Before sending it, I did try downing the clock speed but none of that didnt work.

    So get the manufactor's utility that will detect the temperature of the card and play your game, it should warn you of overheating. And if it is, you might need to do a RMA. But before doing that, make sure your case fans are running properly and you have enough case cooling. Open that side and put a floor fan blowing into the case and test it. If you notice it last longer then you have typical over heating
  7. Need to find out the videocard GPU load temps. Could definitely be video card overheating.

    Other than that, could be a weak PSU, or bad memory.
  8. if it is indeed an overheating problem (which seems most likely) then raising voltages will only make matters worse (more heat). You need to download atitool and use it to underclock your video card quite a bit. Or, if you don't want to do that, then open your case and run a game while blowing a powerful house fan directly onto the gpu and see if the problem improves any. Troubleshoot the most likely problem first!
  9. I installed ATItool 0.26. When i start it, it says "ATItool loading..." for a long time on the mouseover in the system tray. When it finally is finish it says on mouseover Core: -.#J MHz, and the same for Mem, like it dosent reconize the card. This is also supported by the logfile:

    Successfully connected to driver, version 130
    Scanning for ATI VGA Cards...
    Found ATI device: 0x1002 0x9588 bus 1 dev 0
    fbPhy: 0xD0000000, mmrPhy: 0xCEEE0000.
    mmapped mmr to 0x1FC0000
    BIOS at 0x0
    fixing bios address to 0xC0000
    mmapped bios to 0x1FD0000
    Could not read driver's clock table: 2
    Temperature monitoring: Not supported
    Device initialized successfully
    Scanning for NVIDIA VGA Cards...
    Could not read driver's clock table: 2

    So either the card isnt supported by ATItool, or at least the card dosent have the requiered sensors.

    I will try the soloution with som big fans blow onto the card later today, since I have to borrow them from a friend.
  10. you may have to roll back your driver version for compatibility with ati tool. However, there are other ati overclocking utilities out there that would be just as good in your case.

    but before you mess around with all that software, give the fan thing a try, like you are going to do. It's an easy solution, and this will quickly give us a lot more information about what the problem is. Good luck!
  11. Now i tried to put two big 230v fans at the side of the card to blow directly on the cooling radiator. The are very noisy, but also the blow very lots of air.
    It helped quite a bit. I could play Call of Duty 4, 1280x800 with no problems. Then I eager began to play the game, however after maybe 40 min, the computer gave the same error, as it did before.
    I feeled with my hands on the cards radiator, which was a little over roomtemp, nothing unusual.
    I noticed that, i dont know if im mistaken, but the ram on the card dont have any coolers.
    The card is passivly cooled with three heatpipes, going from gpu on the front side of the card to the back, where they connects with a big coolingradiator.

    So maybe, its the ram on the card, which are getting too warm, or else, the fans i used, maybe cooled some other devices in my cabinet(like the ram, chipset or something else), which causes the problem, but still not enough to prevent the failure?
  12. Now i haved returned the graphic card, and it turned out, to be broken. Dont know if it was a heating problem or something else, but most likely the first.
    Now i instead bought a 8800GT, and its really nice.
  13. hey guys i get the same problem with graphics set to 1280x1060 anti 4x and everything high i play left for dead after say 30-50mins of gamiing screen goes blank and i turn pc of and reboot. i have recently tried a few things to fix the problem.

    i repasted my cpu a thin line as your supposed to.
    i also put abit of lubricant on my video card fan

    my system specs...
    Intel Core 2 Quad - Q6600 @ 2.4 (no overclocking done)
    8800GT 512 MB Leadteck SLI (no overclocking done)
    Gigabyte Mainboard
    2gig ram GSKILL (no overclocking done)
    2x 160gig SATA HDDS
    2x DVD-R Drives
    750 Watt Powersupply
  14. Well joe it can be either of 4 things lad,

    psu problem (need more amps)
    memory (timings need manualy set)
    8800 overheating (i recommend using GPUZ to check as ati-tool will only lead you to overclocking which ant good tm as youre unstable)

    And the last my favourite- Make sure on the card all screws holding the fan blower is there and tight , but before that you could ,Detach the fan from the card *slowly*
    Reapply some gfxputty on the chip (you'll no what im talking about once you remove the fan not hard to mess a pile of slop slapped to a gpu). And wal la fixed. Hope this sorts if not i got one more trick, and its called RMA :D
  15. The reason i mentioned this (Make sure on the card all screws holding the fan blower is there and tight ),

    Was because i got a 8800 GTS for xmas and 2 of the screws where already missing luckly i noticed it as my eyes where drawn to scan the lovly looking card.
  16. I had a similar issue. Insufficient voltage to the RAM (on motherboard) was the cause for me. After upping it to the RAM manufacturers recommended value using ATI Overdrive, this issue no longer occurs.
  17. READ THIS POST!!!!!!

    The problem is temperature,wich gets your Chipset and Motherboard hot,so thats why pc crashes by it self.I upgraded extractor fan,so the temperature gets down.Also i upgraded a graphic card so the temperature spreads out on Sound Card,Graphic Card,also Motherboard,also upgrading a extractor fan can help someone realy.If problem still persists contact me on: playing games.
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