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Hello, I recently wanted to change from Vista to XP. While working on this I came across a problem with XP not wanting to read my drivers. So, I went into the Bios and changed something that I can't remember what it was something like 'ADCIP' or something similar and now my computer won't start up. It goes to the loading screen and won't go anymore. I tried going back into the Bios but can't do that either. Not sure what other information would be useful and sorry for my lack of terms. Thanks!

PS I know now not to be messing with the Bios!
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  1. It won't allow me to go back into the Bios. When I attempt to all I hear is the computer beeping and nothing.
  2. Laptop or Desktop ?? --- reset the CMOS either by using the jumper pin or by unplugging the system and removing the CMOS battery and pressing the on button (this drains any residual power from the system -- then reinstall the CMOS Battery (oor reset the jumper on the correct pins ) plug it back in and restart the system (this will reset everything to defaults and should get you back into the BIOS )
  3. For future reference, the BIOS has nothing to do with Drivers or Windows. The only thing that an average computer user might want to do in the BIOS is change the boot order so that it will read from the DVD-rom drive first, so as to install windows. That's about it for the average Joe.
  4. So, I found the CMOS Battery and took it out then pressed the on button for at least a minute and reinstall the battery, turned it back on and still won't allow me to go to the BIOS. I would try the jumper setting but I can't find it and have no idea what it even looks like. BTW I am on a desktop thanks!
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