GA-P35-DS3, long beeps athough everything is working


I recently put together a sytem with the following parts:

CPU: Core2Duo E6750 (using stock cooler)
MB: Gigabyte P35-DS3
RAM: 2 x 1GB Corsair XMS2 (PC6400)
GFX: Sapphire HD3850, 256MB
HD: 250 GB, Seagate Barracuda, SATA2
PSU: Corsair HX520

OS: Win XP Pro SP2

I had no problem to get the system to boot up and got windows installed and everything. The system haven't crashed a single time or anything, BUT, I get long beeps (about 1 minute long) from the integrated speaker and then 1 minute silence and then it starts beeping again. I've never even heard of such an error code.

Since the system is 100% functional, should I just unplug the speaker and ignore this?
I've tried googling the problem but found nothing...

Please note the all frequencies are at stock frequencies.

Thanks in advance, Malc
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  1. Oh, I forgot to mention... all temps are ok. The CPU temp is about 30C (idle)
  2. I am running into the same situation, although the beeps don't sound like normal beeps for me, more of a scratching beep. I thought it was the hard drive, but moving it to another computer and the Hard drive was fine. I tried reseating the Video Card and Memory with no luck.
  3. Conflict with Smart Fan, disable Fan Warnings in BIOS.
  4. nhobo said:
    Conflict with Smart Fan, disable Fan Warnings in BIOS.

    Bios - press Ctrl+F1 to show hidden bios settings, then look for fan type, get rid of auto and set it to PWM (if your cpu fan is a 4 pin)
  5. Learn something new every day ...
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