CMOS reset

A few days ago my dads computer couldn't boot up and displayed the message "NTLDR missing"
We tryed to change the BIOS settings but still it didnt work
WE also tryed reinstalling windows again and that didnt work

Wierd thing happen the next day, the BIOS reset itself,
I asked my dad if he changed anything but he said he was to scared to go on.

Plz help guys
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  1. Hi MrDrift,

    This link has some good steps to follow to solve this problem (incidentially it could be BIOS related and might be a bad CMOS Battery. If the battery is weak it could still keep the data and time properly but other settings could be lost). If you have a multimeter you could check the battery to see if it is run down, or it is cheap to just replace it anyway).

    Check out this link:
  2. Battery is now $5, but hey, you can't anything for $4.99 these days. It's #2032 from Radio Shack or any computer store.

    NTLDR can also be restored from a floppy or flash drive if you don't have the CD. I keep one handy.
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