GPU upgrade, will I see a noticeable increase in performance?

My current rig setup is:
X2 3800+ stock speeds, but it's winter so I might do some OCing
550W PSU
1680x1050 monitor, but no problems with running it at lower resolutions for better performance

I've been looking into the 8800GT and found a nice deal online and was thinking about buying it but I have some questions before I do so. How much will my CPU bottleneck the GT? I've heard several different comments on this, ranging from "Don't even bother buying a new card" to "you'll be fine and see a decent performance increase," so what do you guys think?

Also, is it wise to buy the GT now, or are there any expected releases of other cards, price drops, etc, soon?
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  1. You should see a significant increase in gaming performance with an 8800gt and with the price of processors you could upgrade to a better one later if necessary.
  2. I'd say go for it, or wait till the new year when new hardware might be out and supply hopefully higher.
  3. Yes you will be a noticable improvement
  4. I think I'm gonna wait till Intel's Penryn CPUs come out and I can get one of those and a new mobo. So, with the GPU upgrade and my current rig, I'd be good?
  5. yup
  6. when're the intel penryns touted to be out? and would the current set of processors see a significant price reduction with their release?
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