Global Address book for outlook 2010 using exchange server 2010

Hello, at work we have exchange server 2010 running on our server, and the employees all have Outlook 2010. I am wondering if/how it is possible to have a global address book, or one that is available to all domain members. Currently everyone has their own address book in Outlook with their contacts in there, but we would like to see if we could somehow set it up so that we all have the same contacts in our contacts section of outlook, and that they all stay updated/synced when new addresses are added. We would prefer to have something that is hosted by the server, rather than sharing an individual's contact list.
Any help is appreciated.
Thanks :)
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  1. Global Address List (or GAL) is a feature of Exchange Server. The nature of your question suggests that you are not familiar with the product. I would suggest that you bring someone experienced in Exchange Server in to help you configure it.
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