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Hi everyone :hello:
Iam new to the forum this is my first post. i recently upgrade my system to xfx 790 Sli Ultra, q6600, DDR-3 1333.
i have read a lot of articles about OC and i went a head and overclock the cpu from 2.4 to 3.0 every thing is fine but iam having a one problem which is Intel stock cooler is only running at 2000RPM when iam running stress tests such as prime 95. which makes the cpu to heat up to like 72C so is it normal speed of the Intel stock cooler or something is wrong with the cooler because my friend has the same cpu and he runs it at 2.4 when his cpu is at full load fan goes up to like 3000+ RPM. so iam just confused why my fan is not running at higher than 2000RPM.

thanks plez help
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  1. can you set the fan speed in bios?
  2. Their should be an option on your mobo, possibly under power management to turn off auto fan speed. If you do so it will run 100% 24/7. Check out the manual, it should have it in their as well. But as a tip a great cheap aftermarket cooler would be the Cooler Master Hyper TX 2, which I got, and its wonderful for about $25. I got mine for $8 After rebate at the Egg.
  3. With the price of the DDR3 alone I think you can afford a worthwhile fan.

    They have a top 10 intel coolers list.
  4. thanks for the help guys but iam gonna get a cooler. ;)
  5. to begin with on a budget cooler master tx2 or the artic cooling freezer 7 pro is very good on the price point and performance.
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