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After Effects CS6 Trial

A few months ago i downloaded the After Effects CS6 Trial for a school project. The Trial lasts 30 days, and mine has long since ran out. Another school project has come along and i really enjoyed using After Effects the last time, but i don't have the $1,000 something it costs for the program and I am not going to pirate it, because piracy is bad. My question is, If i reinstall my OS will I get another go at the trial. I don't want to do anything illegal, but i have heard this is possible. I just want to make sure i wouldn't be wasting my time by doing this.
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  1. What you are asking for help with would be piracy in spirit if not necessarily the strict letter. So maybe there's a lab on campus where After Effects is installed that you would be able to use?
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    Since you are a student you can get the entire production suite for under $500 at sites like AcademicSuperStore
    or you could try an Adobe Cloud membership for a month -
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