Easy To Remember Strong Password

I found a Guide to Easy To Remember Strong Password on this site

Now i am curious to know how long should a password be

Also please suggest your ideas of Secure passwords.
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  1. Quote:
    If I told you what password to use, it would no longer be secure, wouldn't it??

    You are completely secure because you don't have to share your password .
    you just have to poll how long is your password.

    To learn how to make different password for different account & yet remember easily.
    check this site
  2. Good passwords should be a mix of letters, capital and small, characters and numbers.

    You don't have to remember passwords. Remember pen and paper? Since most of us have many passwords, trying to remember them is ridiculous. Use Roboform, PassWordSafe, or pen and paper.
  3. thanks for your response
  4. The trouble with passwords is once they are difficult enough to be hard to crack they also become difficult to remember. It's far easier to remember a simple phrase, and much more difficult to crack it (even if composed of dictionary words, the phrase is not a dictionary word, so a brute force attack is unlikely to succeed if the phrase is of reasonable length). So, assuming your system allows phrases rather than just words (e.g. Windows) something like

    The Rain In Spain Falls Mainly On The Plain

    whilst being trivial to remember, will be very difficult to crack. You can even make it that much more difficult by replacing the Os with 0s and the Is with 1s.

    (And, no, that's not one of my passphrases!)
  5. Password length is usually determined by what a website requires, so in some situations it can be no longer than what is allowed.

    As has been previously stated a combination of numbers and letters is usually the most secure.
  6. know how to create a good password? And how can you remember more than one of them? Here are some tips and tricks to maintain individual strong passwords for all of your online accounts.
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