A giant thank you to all the forum users

Hey everyone, just wanted to drop my first message, and let it be a giant thank you to everyone who posts here, for giving me a good idea for what I needed to look at when buying new parts.
I successfully built my new computer myself, and it was thanks to a lot of good advice from a lot of forum posts. :pt1cable:
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  1. Don't know if helped ya but your welcome
  2. Hang on, where's the treat to hooters? I'm with swat. Dang it. I want to be photographed & broadcast on Fox News with my uniform & equipments on.

    "My gun just went off" :D
  3. Should post your specs of what you got in the end...

    Glad your happy with it
  4. Yes post your specs.

    edit: Ah, never mind I looked at you system configuration by your name.
    For those too lazy: "C2D-E6750||P35-DS3L||2G DDR2-800||PNY 8800GT "

    Nice system, I have a very similar build.
  5. Hope you enjoy your rig :)
  6. If you want to repay the favor, pass along the advices and experiences to others :)

    And yes show your specs please.
  7. Welcome Aboard!

    Comp :sol:
  8. welcome
  9. Congrats on the build!
  10. hope you're happy with your new pc.
  11. you're welcome! LOL
  12. Good choices.
  13. Well if he doesn't post his specs, I will :D

    2G DDR2-800
    PNY 8800GT

    Keep forgetting the "view his configuration" link.
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