Need help from all the experts :)

Hello hello! First of all this is my first post and I'm not a computer genious, nor fanboy or stuff like that so be gentle with me! I'm thinking of buying myself a new computer this January, so instead of being ripped off in a store I chose to ask all of u for help in this matter since most of u are experts in the subject. I have some ideas on some parts but other ones i don't have a clue... here it goes!

CPU - Core 2 Quad Q9450

Graphics Card - 8800 GT SSC EVGA

Motherboard and RAM - I have no clue... I don't want to create bottleneck with the cpu so... give me your opinion plz :)

Power Supply - Give me some advice on this too plz, a good price/performer for this build :)

This is mainly a gaming computer, to watch some movies too and listen to some music. I don't really care about crysis, but I want to run all the other games smoothly... This is supposed to be a computer to last some time like a year and a half or something... BTW the CPU and Graphics card is what i think I should get, but if your opinion is otherwise plz say it and give me other options!:)

Well I hope u all help me out on this and thank u for your time

cheers m8s
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  1. What is your budget? Do you need everything, e.g., hdd, DVD burner, Windows? There will be new CPUs, mobo and video cards out by January and prices will drop so probably best to get suggestions closer to when you'll be buying. Still will need the above answers. In the mean time reviews and articles on newer mobo, espicially the P35 and P38, the new CPUs Intel is coming out and AMD keeps saying they're coming out with, and stuff on video cards
  2. Ask again in January...too many things change too quickly in this industry.
  3. ya, whats is your budget? For that Videocard you will probably want a 600w Pw im not sure, 8800's are pretty big and deadly so they require alot.
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