Can't use Disk Defragmenter because of checkdisc

how do i fix this problem
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  1. If the chkdsk is running, let it finish.
  2. Quote:
    MY COMPUTER> CONTROL PANEL> SCHEDULED TASKS> delete scheduled task :pt1cable:

    As John McEnroe famously said - "you cannot be serious". The answer to this problem lies in the Registry and in two places depending on the circumstances.

    Go Start>Run then type into the Open box regedit and hit Enter. Select Export from the File menu and take a note of the location and the name you give to the exported file. You just backed up your Registry in case anything goes wrong and that should be the first thing you do every time you go in there.

    Next, using the same methods you use in Windows Explorer to navigate folder trees, go to H_KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE then Software>Microsoft>WindowsNT>Current Version>Winlogon. Look in the listing for SFC Scan and don't worry if it isn't there. If it is, though, and it shows a 1 in the right hand pane, change that to a zero.

    Then, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE then System>CurrentControlSet>Control>Session Manager and look in the REG_MULTI_SZ values for BootExecute. That should show a Default Value of autocheck autochk *. Leave that in place but delete any other similar ones that show after it.

    Leave the Registry from the File menu then Exit and restarr the computer - twice. Hopefully at the second restart if not at the first, Checkdisk will have gone back to sleep until called again. I don't really want to write this lot again, Nicola but you are welcome to plagiarise it and show it as your own. I'm not even bothered if it shows up as a frequent question Sticky, looking like the Mod wrote it. :D

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