I'm overclocking an 939 AMD 4400x2 lol I need help

I have a couple of questions
my specs are
asus sli premium 939 mobo
corsair xms ddr 400 - 2gb 2x1gb
and an AMD 4400x2

at the current moment it is overclocked to 2.7 ghz 270 w/ a x10 mult.
but the problem is my dram freqs. are reading 180mhz, when it should be 200 or 200 +
here are my CPUz pics please tell me where I noob'ed up Thanks ^.^

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  1. oh and notice my insane voltage on my cpu lol idk if that is normal or nopt to need that much v to up a 2.2ghz 4400x2 to 2.7 my ram is the real problem , oh and another question, would a 2.7ghz 4400x2 bottleneck a 8800gtx?
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