They want me to pay 1500 EUROS for this comp. HELP!

Hi all. It's hard to find hardware where I live (internet shopping is not an option because distance) and the only
PC shop that makes custommed PCs here wants me to pay 1500 Euros (2.198,77 USDollars) for my new comp.

I want a PC that last me for a decent amount of years since I can't afford a whole new comp every 2 years. Mainly is for hardcore
gaming. I could use a needed hand if possible from TH's forum people to help me build a decent PC from scratch.

This is what I had thought would be a good set up:


Intel Core 2 Quad E6600

HD WD 400Gb SATA2,7200rpm,16Mb

DVD Rom LG 16X (GDR-H30NBB) Bulk

SATA Lightscribe


Windows Vista Home Basic 64-Bit OEM

XFX GForce 8800 GT XT 512MB

PowerSupply OCZ

MB - PC6400 6-6-6-12

I repeat, any help or advice for making it is really appreciated, price range I can afford is around 1700 Euros but if it gets that high I want to know I'm buying quality.

Thanks to all in advance.

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  1. You could save alot of money if you go for something cheaper than the Asus Striker Extreme. Scince you are not going to be running SLI, I would invest that money in an Asus P35 board. Otherwise it looks like a nice system.
  2. Thanks a lot for that tip terror. So main difference between striker and P35 is just the SLI ability? Sound card onboard is worth? Or a sounblaster would do a better job?
  3. Move to where you ain't taxed for the junk you by.
  4. soundblaster, even a cheap one should do a much better job for audio. Simple thing is there is too much electrical noise on the motherboard, giving you static on onboard. Plus realtek doesnt fully run EAX 5.0 to its full potential.
  5. Drop the striker extreme board. So not worth it. But seriously, the price is EXTREMELY expensive for everything..>Truly sucks that it's so pricey.

    But drop that mobo for a Gigabyte p35-ds3r or a Asus p5k board....Make sure whatever board you get you nab a p35 or x38 based board. But these two mentioned are heavily recommended for budget/performance.

    Also..Drop the e6600. Get either a q6600, or a e6750. Besides that everything else is fine. But yea.....2,000+ for that is really not worth it...Sucks that you can't find somewhere else. Cause in the states you can build that rig for around 1,000 US.
  6. not worth that much
  7. Take a holiday in europe and buy what you want there cheaper, although you will probably spend more money (customs tax,etc) you get a vacation and you don't get fracked by that local shop,
  8. Thanks to you guys willing to help. I'm trying to decide between a Gigabyte p35-ds3r and a Asus P5K PRO since I see no difference but the price.

    Cheers to all.
  9. dont do it, that is a total rip off. You should be able to build that for about $1500
  10. Probably even cheaper mav...I'd bet around 900-1200 depending on where you get your parts in the states. But he doesn't live in the states...Kinda hard to get our prices in the Canary also doubt africa has good prices as well...Shipping would probably make it go over the top still.

    Overall a tough situation. but you'll have to make do with what you have around you unfortunately.

    Kemita: Since the parts are so expensive. If the gigabyte p35-ds3r is indeed cheaper then other boards. Just grab it to save you some cash. It's not at all a bad board. There are tons of people with almost the exact same setup on the forums. That board is known to OC well too. As long as you stick with Gigabyte or Asus...You'll be fine. Don't fret too much over it..Especially considering how much your rig is going to cost you as well.
  11. i was going on Canadian prices but ya definitely unfortunate he leaves so far away from where the parts are manufactured
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