Virus! help:S

I just got a virus on my computer that shuts it down, i can entersafe mode but it will still shutdown after loading for a few seconds, what to do?
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  1. 1) How do you know it's a Virus?
    2) What anti-virus software are you running (to identify it).
    3) What Virus did it identify?
  2. 1) Before i shut my computer down, i saw an unauthorized Commandprompt and instead of the normal 39 processors i run it ran 80 processors, most of them having weird names such as qkr 123 999 666 etc.
    2) im running kaspersky
    it dindt catch anything
  3. If safe mode won't run long enough to download and run a scan, the easiest thing to do, is slave drive it in another system, and run a scan on it.
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