artifacts on screen with ASUS HD2600XT DDR3 ver

setup: winxp sp2 with all updates
Q6600 G0 stock atm
maximus formula "standard"
corsair 800mhz cas4 DHX
corsair HX620

hi guys, there seems to be a major issue with my new rig
artifacts shoots on my screen and freezes up sometimes screen turns off then back on again and artifacts disappear, other times VPU recover kicks in..

i then made hardware accelaration in the advanced settings in display as "none"

it doesnt lock-up anymore but artifacts are still there.. i have tested the 3 latest drivers from asus and the latest catalyst from ati.. still no help...

maybe a bios setting im missing?..

any replies would be much appreciated, thanks
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  1. Artifacts are usually a sign of either bad video memory or video memory thats overclocked to far. Is the video card at stock speeds? If not drop it down to stock. When I say stock I mean what the ATI stock speed is not what ASUS sets it at. Also check the heatsink to make sure its on the gpu correctly along with the memory if it's supposed to cool them also. Also check your voltages from your power supply.

    I have a HIS x1950 pro agp factory overclocked by HIS. Had problems with artifacts and such, even on the desktop. Dropped the memory and gpu speeds to stock and have had no problems since. I didn't buy the card for the overclock but due to it exhausitng the air outside the case, so losing the overclock was no big deal.
  2. As strum said, artifacts are usually due to memory that has been pushed too far. Have you OC'ed it? If no then you should return it as it is clearly defective. Its def the video card, nothing else can cause these problems.
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