Safe to OC this Athlon 2600+?

I'm more doing this just to play with my computer, and less because I really want to tweak it for killer performance. Obviously it's an older system so this is just for fun.

I'm running an Athlon XP 2600+ at 2.0GHz with a 166MHz FSB. My motherboard is crap and the BIOS has very limited OC options. However, I can change my FSB speed and there are options for different CPU:DRAM ratio settings. If I set my FSB to 185MHZ and the CPU:DRAM ratio to 10:9, this gives me 166MHz on my RAM, and would result in something like 2.22GHz for the CPU.

I am not able to adjust VCore or do any other more technical tweaking.

Would the above sound like a safe overclock? Is it safe to build up to that FSB speed by setting the CPU:DRAM to 10:9 and adjusting FSB in increments, or will this cause other problems (I read something about PCI/AGP bus speeds)?

Please don't laugh at me?
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  1. It'll be safer to know what your current load temps are. If it's under 50C, I suppose it's fine to OC. Just crank up the FSB until cpu gets too hot under load using Prime95's small FFT test (60C). There should be no problems as long as you pass 8 hours of small FFTs and 12 hours of blend test.
  2. give it a try, slowly
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