Can I mirror this?

Please help guys n gals.

I have a 750gb SATA hdd that holds my OS, Data, etc. I just bought another one so that I could mirror my hdd's Can I do this without having to back up data externally then moving it back onto the RAID array once it is built?

My equipment is: Intel DP35DP MOBO, Core 2 Duo E6750 CPU, 2 750GB SATA hdd's, XP Media Center, 3gb DDR2
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  1. Any time you build an array you should backup your data because there is always a chance of failure.

    Assuming your using onboard RAID controller, i would think that you cannot. You would have to wipe the drive and build the array from scratch and reinstall windows. Some dedicated cards allow this to take place however, i would still backup the data
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