Cant see my webpage

Why is it i can see it if i type http://localhost/index.html but i cant see it if i load it from ??
windows on C:// on E://
i alway used to see it on C://???
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  1. I can't see the website either, so the site isn't up on the Internet.

    By specifying localhost you are loading a copy of the webpage from your own computer.

    Is this your own website and you have a copy on your drive for design purposes?
  2. Yes it is my own website and it is on my own pc
  3. and i have had it for 4 yrs
  4. Check this link. It's not just you. The site is down for everyone.
  5. There are just so many possable causes ranging from your ISP installing a firewall to the set-up of your web server, and all points in between...

    What web server are you using.
    Did it stop when you moved it, if so did you migrate access permissions (etc).
    Have you checked with your ISP for any service (and DNS) changes.
  6. IMusing xampp have done for 4 yrs, its the same if firewall installed or not, its hasn't been moved. virgin havnt had any ip chagnes.
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