Question regarding Crysis, Dx10 & output to a TV.


I hooked up my rig lto my living room tv last weekend to play some crysis and I encountered a problem.

First off- My specs:

Maximus formula s/e
e6320 @ 2.9 ghz
2 gigs ddr2 @ 830mhz (1:1)
sapphire hd 3870 @ stock, w/ cat 7.11 drivers. (i know there is a hotfix but I could not tell the diff)
600w ps

Tv is a 2002 panasonic 47 in crt projection hdtv, 480i, 480p, 1080i.

(for those interested I get about 35-45 fps depending on the action in the game @ 1024X768, with everything on Med except sound and shaders on High with 2X AA.)

Back to the Quesiton, I have my computer hooked up through an ATI dongle on the DVI port on the back that has output to component cables, then those cables go to the tv, sound is out through the optical in the reciever.

Now, when I start the game in dx9 mode (in vista 64 right click the game icon to select dx9 of dx10) everything works like a charm, I can change settings, (800X600, 1024X768, high med low, etc.) but when I run the game in Dx10 mode everything is crammed in the top left corner of the screen (split the tv in 4 quadrants and im looking at the top left quadrant.

When I uncheck the full screen box it goes into the game menu (with my desktop in the background of course) and when i go back to options and re check the full screen option everything looks normal again (with the screen returning to normal size, full picture in all four quadrants) but the mouse is out of sync (like whereever i put the mouse it is acutally looking 4-5 inches to the left, so when i select an option on the left, im moving my mouse down the right side of my screen-- AND on top of this I cannot change the resolution-- (its stuck on some garbled text with no drop down box.) I think its stcuk in 800X600 b/c when i play the game it looks like crap.

Any one have any expereince with this or offer any advice?
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  1. Its the TV: it doesn't have the ability to send back to the computer any data about its resolution settings. It does not want to support 1024x768, it just can. Also, your component cables are part of the problem: component cables are really just digital coaxial cables coded for color signals. And digital coaxial is just an analog coax cable with a digital end.

    The problem? Your TV is not sending any information BACK to your computer like a computer monitor would normally do. So things like tracking/mouse-movement won't be right without tons of manual adjustments, of which, i do not even know where to start.

    Your computer is only sending info to the TV, but cannot receive anything back to make sure its sending everything right.

    Try using a TV with any form of normal monitor input: VGA, DVI, or HDMI. S-Video would technically work as it was built originally for this kind of use, but it won't support high res.

    So your TOTAL problem comes to: your TV was never built to actually receive anything other than the listed resolutions, so while it can take those lower resolutions via component, its going to screw with everything.

    New TV is recommended.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply!

    I hear what you are saying and I'm thinking of selling this one for a lcd that has the right inputs.
    (anyone have suggestions for a good tv that is ok for computer gaming.
    One more thing though--
    I am still confused as to why this problem only exists if I run the game in dx10 mode, b/c remember- everything worked fine like wine with dx9?

    just curious.

    hopefully will pick up a new set soon!
  3. I know on my monitor I have the same problem every once in awhile,I have to put the mouse about an inch or 2 down and to the right to get it to line up with the boxes I am trying to click, so that aspect of it must be a glitch in crysis and DX10 cause I am using vista also 32 bit!
  4. Quote:
    anyone have suggestions for a good tv that is ok for computer gaming.

    I'm using a Mirai 42" LCD @ 1920*1080 (over HDMI)... its fantastic. I also read somewhere they make the screens fior Sony (but don't take my word as gospel) so presumably the same would apply to the 42" Bravias as well. Good screen, plays well. Oblivion is brilliant.
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