Best case for airflow and oc

Hey all.

I orginally was going to get the Coolermaster RC-690 for only 69.00 but newegg is sold out.

I want a case that runs quiet and isn't hot. I don't particularly like the look of the Antec 900.

I have considered the Coolermaster Stacker 830 but the 4x side fans concern me. Will they get in the way of after market cooling such as the Thermal-Light Ultra 120?

I need a case that can handle a large after market cooler and has great airflow.

I have been considering the Coolermaster Cosmos
But I hear some mix reviews about its airflow. I believe it would be a very quiet case but what about the heat? I am willing to buy some 120mm case fans such as the Scythe. If needed, I will even purchase a fan controller.

My wife hates how my previous cases sounded like jet engines, so this is for her guys, not me :)

I always here great things about the Thermaltake Armor but I really like the look of the Cosmos. According to my wife, my pc's have to look "good" in the living room.

So, I need to balance, airflow, sound, and appearance when looking for that perfect case!

Build Specs:
Quad 6600
4GB G-Skill
P35 Gigabyte Mobo
Vista 64bit

Any suggestions?
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  1. Try checking out the siverstone tj10 . It was designed around air flow for video cards and has great reviews . The con is the price . But hey if its for your wife make her pay for it lol .
  2. TT armor
  3. Antec 900 or get the CM690 from somewhere else. I'm happy with my 690.
  4. HI I just picked up the Cm690 last week from comp usa, for 35$!!! after mail in rebate.
    love the case
    looks good,easy to work with.
    only thing is needs to have a mobo with many fan controllers or seperate fan controller as the fans do make a decent amount of wind noise when you put it in a desk.
    if on the floor its pretty good.
  5. Another one impressed with 690. :)
    Really, really impressive :)
  6. The trade-off between cooling and noise is a tough one. Read the following test of the antec900, solo, and lian-70. The interesting result is that all three cases cooled the same at equal noise levels. The solo was quietest at low fan speeds and the 900 cooled best at high noise levels.
    Your components do not need maximum cooling, --no 8800GTX, no SLI.
    I would suggest the antec P182 as one of the best looking quiet cases around.
    The P180 is also quite good.

    Actually the solo would be good also. I keep my fans on low, and it is very quiet. Your Q6600 will be hotter than my E6850, but your 8800GT will be cooler than my 8800GTS-640.
  7. itotallybelieveyou said:
    TT armor

    I have to agree, ThermalTake Armor. I have the armor and Tuniq Tower 120 for my cooler and it's a perfect fit with the 250mm case fan. If the Thermal-Light Ultra 120 is larger then 131 x 108 x 153mm you might want to rethink the Armor or Tuniq. And I recommend AS5
    My rig runs at about
    CPU: 34C under normal load.
    Sys: 39C give or take

    With LED:


    Here is 3 pics of my setup. I have a Tuniq, and a 8800GTX and 3 HDD's with room to spare.
  8. Thanks for the tips.

    Also, thanks for showing those picks shadow!
  9. I normally only shop at newegg for my components but they are selling out of alot of things. Anyone suggest other reputable places? ? ?

    Any others?

    Can't find 8800gt :(
  10. Cosmos deal:

    Your wife can't tell if the pc is on:

    Look up "polycarbonate" in a dictionary.
  11. @akhilles: Thanks for the link to the antec solo. I just had to jump on that deal, even though my next build is waaay off.
  12. I really like that Cosmos I just wish it wasn't a MIR but the Antec Solo for $10 you just can't beat that. I am considering getting the Solo and building a file server out of it just because it's such a great deal. To the OP I have a Stacker 832 and a Ultra 120 Extreme and this is what it looks like

    Side View

    Front View

    They redesigned a few things for the 832 and one of them was the side fan panel making it shallower to take up less room inside the case. People seem to prefer the look of the 830 over the 832 but I love my case and it was worth every penny, 26,000 of them.
  13. arson said:
    I normally only shop at newegg for my components but they are selling out of alot of things. Anyone suggest other reputable places? ? ?

    Any others?

    Can't find 8800gt :(

    Yup, no problem.
    You can Also try and
  15. for cases
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