Are both 12V 8-pin and 4-pin PWR required to be connected?

I have a motherboard that has 8-pin PWR and 4-pin PWR connectors, are both of them required to be connected or just one of them? My PSU doesn't have a 4 pin connector, it has two 8-pin connectors and a 6 pin connector only.
I can use a 8-Pin to 4-Pin ATX Adapter Cable if both are required, right?
The connectors looks like these
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  1. What kind and model of motherboard? Is the 4 pin connector a 2X2 connector or a 4 pin drive type connector?
  2. SUPERMICRO X7DBE with 1 CPU only, Intel Xeon E5310 Clovertown 1.6GHz
  3. OK. I just downloaded the motherboard manual. It's a server board.

    According to the manual (pages 1-12 and 1-13), if you are using a 64 bit CPU, you need both connected. How using only 1 cpu would affect that, I don't know. I would plug both in.

    Suggestion: When you write in asking for help, give all the system details. For example, a better way to ask this question would have been,
    " I have a SUPERMICRO X7DBE with 1 CPU only, Intel Xeon E5310 Clovertown 1.6GHz. In addition to the main power connector, it has both 4 and 8 pin power connectors. With one CPU, do I need to use both connectors?"
  4. OK I will do that in the future. Sorry, I'm a first time poster. In that case, I will purchase a 8-Pin to 4-Pin ATX Adapter Cable.
  5. are sure those 8pin connectors arent 4+4, so it splits in the midlle?
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