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Hi, I just received my eVGA 8800 GT and couldn't install nTune to monitor my CPU, GPU, and system temperature. nTune was just working yesterday and is compatible with my BFG Tech NF4 Ultra mobo and I have been using it for years until now. Does anyone know of any other programs that are similar to nTune. Thanks a million.
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  1. Nevermind I found one already
  2. care to share what it is?
  3. Would like to know, too. especially in sli mode. how to enable temp monitoring on the second GC?
  4. I was hunting a program to monitor my computer's temp. I found a very nice Freeware program that will find each sensor that is active and report the temperature and also reports on fan speed and voltage. It's called SpeedFan (I know, not very creative) but it gets the job done. You can snag over at it's site.
  5. RivaTuner 2.11 from Guru3D will OC the card and watch the temp. Also what is a safe max core temp for the 8800. I ran Warbirds Hi-Res and all the eye candy and the worst it got was 65c. Thats the hottest anything I had ever ran but I guess the juice it's eating and the high performance create heat.
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