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Hi all,

I've got a Lian-li 343B cube on order and am looking at what 120 and 80 case fans to get.

the case can take upto 5x 120mm and 2x 80mms without modding front drive bays.

I'm looking for some nice fans to fill the slots, 3 120s on the rear and maybe 2 on the top plus 2 80s on the rear.

I'd like blue LEDs or UV fans if possible, anyone got any advice?

also, how do I know what way to have the air flowing?

Many thanks

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  1. How do you know where the air flow is going? It's dead easy, look at the fan and imagine which way is more efficient to blow air.

    Or just look at one side of the fan. The side with the casing and all is the side where air comes out.
  2. Side mounted fan is better than top down. It vents air in one direction, allowing you to aim it at a vent instead of letting hot air circulating in the case. Cpu fans always suck air and blow it into the heatsink. If a side mounted fan is mounted on one side, air is blowing out the opposite side.
  3. I had forgotten that people still build computers in cube cases without watercooling the crap out of them.
  4. Well I do plan to have 2 WC loops at a later date but their rads and fans will be outside of the case and not blowing in.

    This case only has back mounted fans as standard, I had planned to be using almost all of the drive bays so not looked at a front fan, will this cause circulation problems?

    thanks for the help
  5. I must ask you two questions.

    1. How on earth do you plan on using most of those 18 drive bay?

    2. Why on earth do you plan to externally mount radiators in such a roomy case?

    Here are a few WCing worklogs i found for the 343B that hopefully will get you thinking.
  6. Hi WestWarrior,

    Thanks for those links, I had seen the 2nd one before but not the 1st, that’s a dam nice build. The way those reservoirs are mounted is dead cool.

    18 drive bays is overkill for what I’m after however 9-12 wont cut it.

    Looking at putting 2x 5 slot hot swappable HD caddies in the bottom 3 bays of each side, 2 optical drives, 2-3 fan controllers and 2-3 reservoirs (depending on how many loops go in) and now looking at a front intake fan or 2.

    I want to mount 2 rads on the top of the case and use push+pull fans on each, with the 3rd possible rad mounted using the case’s option mounting tool. I’m sure I could do all this inside but I’m in the lucky position of noise and space not being an issue to me plus want to make it look pretty/custom.

    One day a phase change unit may end up living inside the cube but that’s a long way off.

    Thanks again for the links, any advice on my fan issue? If I go for 2 front mounted ones and 3-5 rears, do I want high flow fronts and lower on the back?

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