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My friend is buying an hd 3870 and found a visiontech one at bestbuy for 214 bucks. I'm not familiar with that brand, so I'm hoping to get some feedback from whoever has experience with that company or just knows about them. Is it basically the same as a saphire/ati/diamond/his one? Just different cooler? Will it overclock less?

All feedback is appreciated!

P.S. Do not mention the 8800GT plz :P
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  1. they are the same
    chick the specs and compare it
  2. Not talking about the specs...talking about the cooler/overclocking capabilities. They're probably the same, just wanted to make sure.
  3. I think what he meant was that it all the cards come from the same place, which is probably true.

    Anyhow overclocking varies with every card, no matter how crappy the brand is. What you might get with one card most likely you won't get with the other.

    Don't know about that company, but go for it anyways! If something goes wrong, your friend can go back to bestbuys and return it :P
  4. Nothing about ambient temperature this time? :P
  5. All I can suggest is not to get a Visiontek cATI chipset is good, but not visiontek. The price may look good, but this is what you get:
    Poor service, high risk that the card will have problems and it will not be repaired. My dard died and the all I got is a denail of warranty. I offered to pay for the repair and still nothing, have to put it in the garbage bin.
    My personal suggestion is to stay away form Visiontek!!!!
  6. I have a visiontek 3870 since May and I have had no problems with it. Keep in mind that I never over clocked it.
    I went with visiontek because of their lifetime warranty, but I wouldn't doubt that in the future when the 3870 is obsolete, that they might refuse to replace my card.
    Why don't your friend buy a 4850 from newegg?
    They are cheaper and will give you better performance that a 3870.
  7. Newegg is great, always with positive attitude and cooperative. At least this is my experience so far.
    Yes, this is what I will do, buy a new card, probably a 4870, but for sure it will not be a Visiontek.
    By the way I have seen a number of negative feedback about mail-in reabate turned down, again by Visiontek.
    What I do not understand is the negative attitude of this vendor: I even offered to pay for a card exchange, for an upgrade...I mean, this card is worth what , 70$ ? What would cost to a vendor to offer a 70$ rebate on a new card purchase? Is this so difficult to do? In this way a vendor would have a good opportunity to sell more, maintain a customer base, make customer happy. Instead Visiontek prefers to see negative reports on the web!! Not very smart, so one more reason for not buying Visiontek.
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