Now a "Good" time to build a new PC?

Tricky question, because things change so fast that you can never keep up and stay up. But is there anything MAJOR happening soon that would be worth waiting until the new year for? I'm not in a terrible rush, but eventually want a new PC to play some of the new games.
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  1. Some new processors coming out in the first quarter of 08'... could just be a paper launch though. Other than that... huge sales coming this Friday after Thanksgiving (Black Friday). So that may be a good time to start purchasing... or you could wait till 08' when retailers try to flush the rest of their inventory to make room for the new stuff. Just a hint, don't always play the "wait" game for new technology... you can never stay up-to-date for long. :D
  2. If you're in the mood for waiting, I'd wait for the TRUE next generation of video cards to arrive. The 8800GTX/Ultra is over a year old now, and the technology is already beginning to show its age (especially with the release of Crysis) so if you chose to wait, you should wait for the next series of cards to be released.
  3. Me personally I am going to upgrade my Motherboard, CPU, Ram. I will hold off on video card for a while.

    Asus A8N-SLI
    AMD 3500+ (939)
    1GB DDR 400

    New Rig:
    Intel E2140
    2GB DDR2 800

    Once the new quad cores come out I will upgrade to a better CPU but I will personally wait untill end 2008 to upgrade CPU. Also I know my 7600GT isnt much, but I am not one of the elite people that has to run on the highest res with max out settings.

    I am only 23 years old married with a kid. Computers are far from my first priority.
  4. It all depends on your budget. If you can afford to go "enthusiast" then I'd say wait. If you can only afford mainstream or budget, then I'd say that it's fine right now.

    That's because of Intel's paper launch of their high end 45nm quad core and the x48 chipset. Anything you build on the enthusiast level with Intel right now will be second tier by the end of first quarter 2008.

    If you go AMD, you should only go quad core if you insist upon mainstream future proofing, or if you don't mind upgrading again once the 45nm Phenoms arrive by the end of 2008. Personally, I think a 790 chipset motherboard and an Athlon X2 6000+ or 6400+ is good for a mainstream future proof build.

    Graphics card wise, availability of the 8800GT is dodgy right now, but so is the X3870. If you don't mind an X3850, then they're available right now. I intend on getting an X3870 on December 15th, and I temporarily went back to an X200 based P4 630 just for that purpose.

    That's because my Athlon X2 4600+ MSI KN9 405 chipset board doesn't like ATI cards, and I want to get the X3870 before I build my new AMD system when the hybrid Crossfire boards arrive sometime in January or February. Then, I'll probably go Phenom dual core, as I have no real reason for quad core yet.

    What I like about AMD is that they support boards for longer than Intel. Though socket 939 is obsolete as far as new processors go, the AM2 and AM2+ are interchangable and I believe the AM3 will be as well.
  5. It is always simultaneously the best and worst time to build a computer.

    Just buy the stuff and build it. Whether you save $50-100 or you get some performance gain is immaterial if you have no computer. Just buy the best you can get on your budget (maybe wait until friday ;)) and never look back.

    Then build one or two for friends/family for some profit and not be out of any serious cash.
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