C & D partitions, C filling up....

My sister's laptop was running slow, so after doing the virus checks, defrags, etc. it was still running slow. Discovered her hard drive has 2 partitions: C and D. Everything is on the C drive and it's almost full. This is probably causing it to run slow. What is solution? Is there a way to drag half the stuff over to the other drive? Should I go ahead and reformat and make 1 partition? Thanks
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    If you backup the data/settings, best fix would be to re-install Windows and make one partition.
  2. @ purushottamaher, I'll try that. In the future when saving documents, etc. we will have to make a concerted effort to remember to save data to D drive? Is there a way to set a dafault drive to save to? Thanks

    @hang-the-9, I may end up reinstalling if this method doesn't work. Or do you think I should just do that anyway?
  3. Are you sure the D:\ partition is useable ?? most laptops now have a mirror image of the factory condition of the HDD on that partition in case something happens you can restore the system to factory settings and if this is the case it should not be used for storing other files.

    Also how much space are you allowing system restore to use for restore points before it deletes the old ones ? VISTA has a habit of defaulting to use up to about 12% of your partition to save restore points if you do not limit it and that can really eat into the available space (so on a 500GB HDD it can use around 60GB !!) try deleting all but the most recent restore point and see if that recovers enough of your c: partition - See here for procedure to recover that space and adjust the settings
  4. purushottamaher said:
    How much RAM do you have ??

    First remove unwanted data from C:\ Drive make it free ...

    Transfer other data on D:\ Drive and increase your Hard Drive Space.

    It has 3 GB RAM.
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