Striker Extreme/New Build advice needed

I'm planning a new PC for around a 1000$. So far the tentative build is:

Intel E6850
Asus Striker Extreme
Western Digital Cavier (sp?) 500gb
Crucial Ballistix PC6400 2x1 GB
Thermaltake Purepower 600w (already have)

So I have a couple questions.
1) What does everyone think about the Striker Extreme? I learned long ago that spending extra for a good mobo goes a long way, but is the extra money worth it?
2) Will my PS be enough for an SLI upgrade should I be interested? I’m not sure if I will yet, but the money isn’t a big deal and I’d like to at least keep the option open.
3) Is this a decent overclocking build? Again, not sure if I will (besides the memory, obviously), but I like to keep my options open

I appreciate any info you more knowledgable folk might be able to give!
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  1. I have an ASUS striker Extreme and I have had no issues with it. As far as the power supply I would go up to a 750W at least.
  2. Striker is a very nice mobo (I have one) but there are other Asus and EVGA 680i Mobos that are just as nice but less expensive. Your PSU should be fine. The q6600 will OC a little better than the e6850. That said, I have the e6850 and really like it.
  3. Although expensive, Striker is a good board and loves Crucial Ballistix!

    Looks like a solid build to me.
  4. The 600w PS will be fine for your initial build. As for getting a larger PS in the future it depends on your total sum of devices (IE # of hardrives, CD and DVD drives, USB, Firewire, memory sticks, and PCI cards). From what you have listed your 600w PS is in budget with adding another card to do SLI but if you have alot of other stuff the 600w PS could be hammered. For example if you run (4) 10000 rpm harddrives in a raid 10 with two DVD burners, printer, two external harddrives, and a soundblaster PCI card you will probably need to stepup your PS. And if you plan to overclock a system your power goes up again.
  5. I have the Striker myself & run SLI, 5 HDD's, & one burner with a 750 watt power supply with no issues. Your build looks fine to me as well!
  6. Look good to me.
  7. Love mine.
    No not enough for SLI
    Yup good for ocs
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