Burnt CPU and motherboard Socket

Hey Guys I have a AMD Phenom processor 9500 and a MSI k9a2 platinum Mobo cooled with a Zalman 9500. The other day I started to play Elder's Scroll Oblivion and turned up the graphic specs in the game and then it crashed with a frozen screen. At first I thought it was the Video Card but when I checked the cpu it was burnt on the corner of it as well as for the mobo socket. I overclocked the CPU from 2.2ghz with 1.25 vcore to a 1.3 corev and OC'ed with MSI dual core tool to 2.4ghz it ran stable with prime for a 8hr torture test 2 days prior. If anyone can give me any suggestions on what it could have been. Or your opinion on if the Warranties will take it for RMA?
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  1. What was your load temps? You did apply sufficient thermal paste right?
  2. yes the thermal paste was fine and on idle it was around 27c to 30c and with load was around 35c 37c not high at all. I wonder if the warranty will cover that.
  3. It could have been the PSU. A poor PSU could fry your system, mind telling what your PSU is?

    In any case, try for an RMA, if the system is dead you won't lose anything.
  4. my PSU is an Antec 650w. yeah its kinda weird because I have a back up mobo an ECS just in case something like this would happen as well as for a an amd x2 4200. I never thought I would have to use them but I guess I had to. But the Psu is working fine on that board for some reason. Also regarding your suggestion on the RMA do you think MSI will accept the warranty for this condition and as well as for AMD for my processor warranty?
  5. A quality PSU, shouldn't have been the cause of the burn. Can you take a picture of it?

    Is the system still alive?

    EDIT: I meant a picture of the burn.
  6. yeah im at work right now but i will post a picture tonight around 6:00 pst so if you wanna check then I will have it for you.The board will power up but I will not get a post or anything on my screen because of the processor but it turns on my fans and video cards. I also want thank your for helping me out here
  7. Hey no problem. I'm very interested in what caused the burn, and so far the only possibilities are PSU, motherboard, and CPU.
  8. The cpu is dead I tried putting it in my ECS board but for the mobo I dont have an idea if it works but it does power up my RAM because I have Crucial RAM with LED's. I dont have an idea if its my PSU because I would not know how to test it. But I will post pictures on tonight
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