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I've been looking over the net now for a day or two for a backup and restore solution. Im not looking to spend any money on this. Can anyone recommend a free utility which will back up my Vista and Linux drives to an external HD. The simpler the solution the better.

Thanks for reading any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    This is a free one. Of course if you use a RAID controller you will need to be able to boot and see the controller. I use Bart PE for this, you can also use imagex with PE.

    There are many others you can use this is just 1 example. Of course the ones you pay for such as acronis are going to be better.
  2. A good free solution that I have used in the past is to use DriveImageXML to back up my hard drive, and then use BartPE when you need to perform a recovery. In order to use BartPE with DriveImageXML, you must add a plugin found here. You should also add drivers to the BartPE disc to ensure your hard drive controller can be accessed from the BartPE boot disc.

    This has saved my butt a couple times. The only downside with this method is that BartPE requires a Windows XP install disc to build. Once the disc has been built it will work with recovering Vista and XP, though I've never tried it with a linux partition it might work. I'd like to see BartPE updated so you can build a boot disc from a Vista install DVD or have a straight up linux version.
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