small question for the 'raid 1 experts'

Hi, just a small question for the 'raid 1 experts' ;-)

I have a Vista running system with an ASUS P5B Premium Vista board with three 500Gb disks (C: E: O:).
Two of them (the data disks) I want to assign to create a mirrored volume.

Can I do it just by calling the Intel Matrix Manager? Is it safe for the system disk?
Any trick to do it, or just "create RAID volume" and definning it?

I also have a D: volume through an e-SATA mirrored external disk (MEMUP PRO Titan).

Thanks a lot for your help guys !!!!
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  1. If there are no data on the drives then there is not trick, just go into the RAID bios during post and configure a RAID 1 array with the 2 drives. Just make sure you isolate the other drive and dont use it by mistake.
  2. Thanks a lot, for your help!
    in fact there is, in one of the data disks. I assume, by your answer that I have to backup it. I had the hope that this data could stay on the disk and that after configuring it would be copied to the other disk....
    but that's only a small inconvenience, thanks again!
  3. In some cases I have seen the onboard controllers with the ability to do exactly what you are stating. So you can try it. But the main point is to back all data before you do this operation.
  4. Intel's raid stack does support preserving data. In the Matrix Storage Console, select "Create From Existing" (or something like that). You will first select the source disk (the one with data on it) and then you can select your other disk(s) for the volume.
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