AGP support with Catalyst: answer from ATI tech

Finally I got an answer from ATI about the support of AGP card with Catalyst:



As AGP became obsolete (due to the PCI-e card), the driver supporting AGP will be update 4 times a year (every 3 months).

To be honest, it was said that the 7.11 should suport AGP, and it hasn't, so I can't tell you for sure if the next catalyst, 7.12, will support AGP, even if it should.

The company policy, though, is to keep supporting it, on a 3months basis.

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So we will keep waiting for THIS new driver. One of these days...
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  1. mmm upgrade? its not like its expensive.. frankly im surprised people even still have agp boards. its been like 5 or so years since i have even had one :/ Looking at the price premiums for a agp version of a high end card it almost pays for a new board. hell evena cheap cpu and new ram if you need it isnt expensive.

    As for the post im not really surprised.
  2. Here's you go Try it at your own risk as I haven't done it cause I don't have an AGP system anymore.
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