crysis v Cod 4?

i personally after playing both think COD4, (but maybe that coz im british)
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  1. I haven't played COD4, but personally I think COD4 is better, in terms of gameplay and smoothness.

    Good luck getting 30FPS at 1024 x 768 no AA with all thing at medium, with a 8800GTS.
  2. I've been enjoying Crysis, but COD4 had me completely enthralled. I couldn't stop playing COD4 until it was finished, whereas I'm still not finished with Crysis.
  3. I liked them both but I think COD had a better story and it was a complete game.... I think Crysis was a rip off with its ending. Honestly I know episodes are the new in thing these days, but for the love of god please have content lined up so we don't have to wait 18 months for part 2.... Its one thing for a TV show to be in parts you only have to wait 1 maybe 2 weeks. Games just cannot do that.
  4. yeah i thought i was on the right tracks, but crysis had such a big hype before it. and COD4 just seemed to appear from now were and dominate.

    and yeah the ending to crysis did seem a little off. do they think it will make people buy the next game, esp considering it wont make sense to new customers. and many people who played the first wont bother with the second
  5. no kidding.. they included a tactical nuke... but you only get to use it on the final boss.. and no big explosions? COD4 was much more smooth.. and you could shoot enemies through walls.
  6. Gameplay- definitely CoD 4
    Graphics - Crysis (although i think its a little over the top)

    CoD 4 also had a very nice multiplayer, even though i hate the ranking system, and the single player campaign was amazing, but it short compared to CoD 2. (and easier)
  7. I played both demos before deciding which one to buy (with Christmas around the corner and not a ton of time for games I only wanted to spend $50 on games this month as opposed to the $300 I easily could have spent on all the new releases I wanted). Both games look great and while COD4 smoother framerates are nice it doesn't compare to the gameplay of Crysis. Playing both games on hard I encountered areas which took several attempts to clear. In COD4 things became very repetitive very quickly. Many things are scripted and thus you simply have to learn the pattern and execute. In Crysis however things are different. Each area can be taken on differently each time and even with the same plan you rarely get the same fight twice. I'll eventually buy COD4, mostly for multiplayer, but the gameplay of Crysis is in my opinion superior.
  8. you thought the gameplay in COD4 was repetitive, i can see where your coming from, but like you i play game on hard, and the difficultly in COD4 was even, so i was never stuck for too long where as in crysis, you could be working for a while on a single bit. but as you come to mention it. i did like the idea of tackling thing differently but this usually meant i was cloaked on the hards bits.
  9. COD4 felt real. where as Crysis was ott
  10. Quoted for emphasis:
    dobby said:
    COD4 felt real. where as Crysis was ott

    For what it's worth, I run a low spec system (P4 Northwood, 1GB ram and x1950GT agp) and so run both games with everything set to low (resolution is 1152x864). Crysis is just smooth enough to be playable, while COD4 was MUCH smoother and looked alot better on low. I was actually impressed with COD4 graphically despite everything turned down/off.
  11. COD4 is plays and looks great with low/medium settings. My 7900GT plays it very well.

    After playing the demo, which was pretty good, I wouldn't think about buying Crysis with my current set up.
  12. if they fix performance in crysis then it will be good, but still nowhere near as good as COD4. i havent had this much fun in an fps since cs 1.5
  13. COD4 has more replay value.
  14. I haven't play COD4, but I'm a bit let down with Crysis. While it was fun and cool I think it's replay value is miniscule at this point.

    I am playing on hard and really can't tell much of a difference from the default setting. Have yet to see an alien though so maybe that's where it gets harder.

    The only real difference I can see on the harder setting is the bad gize tend to not come after you as much on hard, they sit back and wait. It's also very easy to get them to think you are behind them and most of the time I come up on them with them facing the other way.

    I wouldn't call that hard. lol. I guess with all the hype I had really high hopes. It's still a good game, but a little over hyped.

    It will be a hard sell for an expected expansion.
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