How to empty undeletable files in recycle bin

I cannot totally empty my recycle bin , there are some undeletable files that when I tried to delete it some window pops out and say '' you cannot delete this file ''
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  1. Have you tried starting Windows in Safe Mode and emptying the Recycle Bin in that mode? Startup your computer and immediately start tapping the F8 key until the Windows Startup Menu displays, select Safe mode.
  2. I've tried it on Safe Mode but still cannot delete it. It says " cannot remove folder df2481: access is denied "
  3. Backup your files (if you don't already keep regular backups)

    Click on the Start Button->Run and type CMD and press Enter

    This will open up a Command Prompt Window

    In this window type: chkdsk /r and press Enter Key

    When it asks you if you want to schedule this check for the next time you start your computer type Y for yes and press Enter Key

    Close the Command Prompt Window

    Restart your computer and let it perform the disk check

    When Windows gets to the Desktop, try Emptying the Recycle Bin again

    Let me know how it goes.
  4. Again it doesn't work in "chkdsk/r "
  5. rafcord79 said:
    Again it doesn't work in "chkdsk/r "

    Are you putting a space in between the k and the / switch?

  6. Try Unlocker or GIPO Move On Boot..
  7. Ok rafcord79, time for drastic measures... well ok not so drastic, but I'm thinking that this will solve the issue.

    You can take ownership of the C:\RECYCLER folder by right clicking on it and selecting the Security Tab->Advanced Button->Owner Tab and replace ownership on all subcontainers and objects, and give yourself full permissions and replace on children for the RECYCLER directory at the root of the disk.
    * Note: If you are running XP Home, the Security Tab only shows up when you start your computer in Safe Mode.

    Then just shift-delete the Recycle Folder (this bypasses the Recycle Bin).

    The folder and recycle bin will be recreated the next time you try to delete something.

    Incidentially I learned something new in troubleshooting this problem. In your stated access denied filename df2481, the d stands for deleted file and the f is the drive from which it was deleted appearantly. Do you have an F: drive?
  8. yes I have an F: drive which I used as slave . Those files actually comes from my F: drive and I just deleted it using The " unlocker " But when those files comes to the recycle bin , I cannot delete it. Thanks!
  9. Excellent! I think if you hold down the shift key while deleting a file, it will bypass the Recycle Bin. Might save you from having to use "Unlocker" in the future.

  10. rafcord79 said:
    I cannot totally empty my recycle bin , there are some undeletable files that when I tried to delete it some window pops out and say '' you cannot delete this file ''

    Try compressing unwanted files & folders.

    See this:
  11. Try to remember which drive the corrupt files were removed from;
    (if you are not sure, you will need to do the following 2 simple
    steps, to every HDD you have connected to your computer):

    >>> Step 1: RENAME the corrupted RECYCLER folder, to "zz_recycler-dir-bad.ignore";
    >>> Step 2: Reboot.

    You still may not be able to delete those files, so leave it as a folder that you
    will just ignore, from this point on. The "zz_" will make sure that it is placed
    at the end of your folder list, and should stay out of your way, for the
    most-part. :-)
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