Software Not Hardware Problem: USB connects disconnects every few sec

On Home Windows XP Sp3; PowerSpec Motherboard...

On a friend's computer there has been a regular problem mounting many different popular devices at any of the USB ports. If you plug in the devices, they are recognised, the computer connects and than disconnects. It continues this connect/disconnect sequence until you unplug the device. There is no problem with the hardware USB ports.... I am certain of this.

Some devices never have this problem. Others always have this problem. I have never seen anything like it before.

The computer has exhibited this behavior through several complete installs of OS software and devices. Anti-virus and Malwarebytes do not detect any type of problem. The antivirus utilized on this computer is Avast Internet Security Personal Anti-virus. It is using the latest updates. Malwarebytes is using the latest definition updates. The Firewall is Comodo (and has the latest updates installed.)

I myself have several computers and find from P2 up through P4, XP through Win7, I have been able to connect to all of the same devices and many more without any of these problems.

Somehow it seems as if one cannot blame Microsoft updates as my own computers are probably updated with the same software, but who knows, perhaps the Powerspec computer drivers have some incompatibility which I know nothing about.

By the way, the most recent device that the computer has treated in this manner is an Ipod Nano 8gb. Don't let it's relationship to Apple throw you.... It is only one of many different devices which this computer has reacted to in a similar fashion.

I have not seen any knowledgeable feedback regarding this problem anywhere and would appreciate some ideas and feedback.
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  1. I am a professional tech, and I use free AVs.

    I think nicolatesla is wrong on the AV issue.

    However, the suggestion to adjust the USB power setting is a good one.

    Another good suggestion, would be to uninstall the USB root hubs in the device manager. They will reinstall on restart.
  2. We use free AVs and Malware Removers all the time in our service shop. I can remember the time when Norton Antivirus Products were freeware, until they gained recognition and acceptance.
  3. I have an active subscription for Norton 360 2010. I'm using Avast free on my PC instead of the $60 Norton software.
  4. Norton 360, in my opinion, is a horrible product. I don't mind Symantec's Endpoint Protection Software though.
  5. It's a good product, but that same quality can be achieved from free Avira or Avast.
  6. Nicolatesla has your stapler.

    Nicola, where's the website of your company?
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