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Ok, where to start. I am looking to build a new desktop for my wife. Mostly gaming and school so it needs to perform fairly well but doesn't have to be any kind of serious gaming system. Now, lets back up to the first of the year. I built another system for us, for the same uses.

A friend advised us to go with an ASUS M2N-E SLI Nforce 500 motherboard, AMD Athlon 64x2 5400+, processor, and GeForce 7600 GS 512MB PCIe . The system is blazing fast for us, framerates in the high 50s for most all games. It was the perfect system for what we require. Then the problem started. I became plagued with the nv4disp.dll infinite loop. I've updated all drivers, video, chipset, bios, etc. Temps are all good. It was explained to me that it was a problem with Windows XP's RX55 memory register and aggrivated by nvidia drivers which require more memory use.

So now back to our new system. I would really like to build something very similar, but avoid a repeat of our current problem. I've been told to go with an ATI graphics card, different mobo without nvidia chipset, or use Vista as our OS this time. Could I build something compairable to our current system but avoid the nvidia infinite loop problems. Are any of you familair with the issue? We really love our current system. The occasional infinite loop problem is our only complaint. Sometimes we can go for days and never see it, other times it happens repeatedly in the course of an hour.
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  1. Reinstall XP on the old system. See if it solves the problem.
  2. itotallybelieveyou said:
    Reinstall XP on the old system. See if it solves the problem.

    Here is a quote about the problem I am having. It explains what is happening a lot better than I can. I have yet to try the VIA fix. I'm really hesitant to do anything to our current system, as I am in the middle of the semester for school (computer animation). I have a ton of projects in the works and saved and I would hate to have this system go completly down due to me screwing something up at the moment.

    **quote**I've already fix the loop error by installing this loopfix from VIA technologies. It closes the RX55 memory register in BIOS. The RX55 register's official name and function is Memory Write Queue (MWQ) timer. The MWQ timer is actually a timing device included in the memory host controller to prevent write data being held in the memory queue too long. After the data has been in the queue too long it times out. This timed out data is then given a higher write request priority. Now that might sound nice – a bit of extra performance BUT the procedure fails when overloaded. 3D games and Win XP put too much load on the memory queuing timer procedure. The nVidia new driver exaggerates the problem even more as the driver enables nVidia cards to use even more memory than previous driver versions. **endquote**
  3. Never heard of the "infinite loop issue". I have a nForce 4 chipset and a 7800gt and it works great for me. To what itotallybelieveyou suggested, I would try a repair install before a full reinstall.

    Also, you might try removing your driver with something like driver cleaner to remove the old driver, then install the new one.
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