enabling AHCI after xp x64 install

I installed windows xp pro x64 in native IDE mode.
I have a Samsung 1TB SATA drive. my mobo is a Gigabyte MA78GPM-DS2H w/ AMD SB700
I really want to get AHCI enabled without re-format. plus, I dont have a floppy

Can some please tell me how to do this??

thanks so much

my system
AMD 64 X2 6000+ @ 3.2Ghz
AC 64 Freezer Pro HSF
Gigabyte MA78GPM-DS2H GPU @ 900Mhz
4GB Geil DDR2 1066
Samsung 32MB Cache 7200rpm 1TB SATA HDD
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  1. so, I have ghost an image of the os and programs onto another drive?
    isnt there a reg fix and file to be copied?
    I dont have another hdd at this point in time...
  2. What I did was copy the f6 sata drivers on to a floppy and unpack them on the floppy then copy it to a folder on the desktop. Then I went to the device manager,click on the ide drive and click update drivers.
  3. the problem is the driver has to be installed just like your doing a raid driver and used for booting, now if you want to completely do it all over again.
  4. What I did was copy the f6 sata drivers on to a floppy and unpack them on the floppy then copy it to a folder on the desktop. Then I went to the device manager,click on the ide drive and click update drivers.

    Now go to Device Manager, under IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers you should see something like : Intel Intel ICH9R Serial ATA Storage Controller.
    Right-Click on that and select Update Driver
    Say no to connecting to Windows Update to search, hit Next
    Select Install from a list or specific location (Advanced), hit Next
    Select "Don't search. I will choose the driver to install", hit Next
    Select Have Disk
    Browse to the Driver folder and highlight the iastor.inf file, hit Open Select OK
    Now you should have a list of controllers ICH9R /AHCI driver
    You'll get warned that installing the device driver is not recommended, click Yes to continue installing
    Click Finish
    Click Yes to restart your computer
    when system boots press delete go into bios select , go into peripherals SATA Raid / AHCI mode set to : AHCI
    SATA port 0-3 native mode set to Enable
    After you log into Windows, your computer will find the "new" hardware. Wait until you get the popup message to restart your computer, say Yes to restart one last time
  5. would that intel driver work with AMD chipset's Charles?
  6. Not with the intel but should work with the sata f6 driver from here.

    AMD SATA RAID Driver (Preinstall driver, press F6 during Windows* setup to read from floppy)
    O.S. : Windows XP 32Bit,Windows XP 64Bit

    you will have to unpack it on the floppy first then copy to file on desktop
  7. Also make sure your sata drive is not pin for sata 1.5 on the back of the drive. check out the specs on the drive, not sure if Samsung has it this way but my seagate drive has it.
  8. It will not open from the floppy, it tells me that the image file is valid, but is for a machine type other than the current machine. It needs to ran in Win setup. is there a way I can unpack the exe so I can extract the needed x64 inf from it??

    I also tried downloading the Chipset / VGA / SATA RAID and extracting the ahcix64.inf and doing it that way, but it tells me there is no driver for the windows x64 editon...
    please help!
  9. Run the file from the folder you downloaded it to in windows it should ask you to insert a floppy in the floppy disk to make the f6 sata floppy. Then after the floppy is made copy it back to a folder on your decktop.
  10. Thats what I tried, it will not do it. Thats when it tells me that the file is valid, but is for a machine type other than the current machine.
  11. I downloaded the manual and page 79 will tell you how to make the floppy disk.
  12. its so stupid, it tells me "the specified location does not contain a compatible software driver for your device. If the location contains a driver make sure it is designed to work with windows for x64-based systems."
    thats with the ahcix64.inf IN THE X64 FOLDER!!
    Microsoft is so dump sometimes.
  13. I also just made the sata raid floppy and did a repair install of windows x64 pro and it took the x64 sata driver fine during the f6 install. after windows loaded, went to bios to change to ahci from native ide... same thing, a quick bsod then a restart.
    what am I doing wrong.
  14. what sata port is the drive connected to? Have you checked page 47 in the manual?
  15. sata 0 and the sata dvd-rw is on 2 i think
  16. okay, I dont get any of this... can some please tell me why im having issues doing this
  17. Go into the bios and and set to load fail safe defaults and reboot back to the bios. Check the setting in the Integrated Peripherals tab. Make sure you remove all hardware from pc before doing this like printers,scanners and such. See if you can boot to windows. If you can check the device manager for hardware setup. If still having problem try clearing the cmos buy using Clearing CMOS Jumper or pull the cmos battery for a minute. If all fails I would reload Windows from scratch. Make sure you have the hard drive connected to the sata 0 connector on the board and the DVD drive on the sata 1 connector note sata 4 is for esata. check the manual on page 47.
  18. (4)

    (3) (1)
    SATA2_3 SATA2_1 DVD drive

    (2) (0)
    SATA2_2 SATA2_0 Hard drive
  19. also you could do a chkdsk repair.
  20. thanks... I will try that and see how far I can go.
  21. Accessing the Recovery Console with a Windows CD
    If you have a full Windows disk, the console can be accessed by booting from the Windows XP CD. It will take its time loading the setup but eventually you will see the “Welcome to Setup” screen. Enter the letter “r” and a prompt will appear asking for the administrator password. Users of the Home edition or those without an administrator password can just enter a blank. (Note that this password is not necessarily the same as the one for a user account, even if that account has administrator privileges). The screen will then show a numbered list of all your Windows installations (most people will have only one.) It will ask, "Which Windows installation would you like to log onto?" Unless you have a multi-boot system, enter the number "1". You must enter a number. Do NOT just press the Enter key. Some time may pass but eventually the Recovery Console will load and provide a command prompt where various system tasks can be performed.

    This is the command to use at the command prompt

    chkdsk C: /r
  22. thanks for all the help. I decided I didnt want to mess with it, and after about 5 hours of research, I found that AHCI on a single drive is not worth it in speed and access times, especially like a drive like my 32mb cache samsung
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