Vista Black Screen with Mouse Cursor

I've been working on a Vista 32bit system since yesterday trying to get it to boot to the login screen. It boots to a black screen with a mouse pointer.

I can't get to safe mode (same black screen with mouse cursor)
Can't repair, Windows repair says nothing is wrong.
Check Disk comes back clean
SFC /scannow comes back clean
Virus scan is clean (using offline scanner)
No recovery points, I guess it was disabled.

I've Googled and read tons of posts but can't find anything that works.

Thoughts or ideas?
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  1. I've tried that. No task manager. I can't get a command prompt or anything else to come up.
  2. Last known good also does not work. I've literally tried all the common methods to fix this issue. I've never seen anything like it.

    I connected the drive to a PC and found that right before the issue happened there may have been a Windows update to drivers but no other Windows updates that I can see. I can't imagine a driver change would cause such an issue and even so, safe mode should allow me to at least get into Windows.
  3. Same Problem here happened last night to me tried all ideas and also noticed if i hit shift 5 times stickey keys comes up I click that link and get a prompt but cant access it.
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