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I have a Windows xp computer which has two user accounts. User A (admin) and User B (limited access). I am trying to share all of User B's file on my network so that they are accessible in another computer which is running Windows 7. I can see the Shared folders that already exist in Windows xp on my Windows 7 computer. I can also see User A files and folders which are enabled for sharing, but this is not true for User B. When I try to access User Bs files I get the error which tells me to talk to the administrator.

I guess the problem exists in the xp system. When I select User A's folders to share, there is a progress box which changes the attributes of all the folders and their files. But when I do the same with User B, this progress box never appears. So I believe they are not allowed to be shared from the xp side. Although when right clicking them and checking properties, they do have the share option enabled.

I have tried everything but I have not been able to share User B's files on the network. The process is that I have to log into User A's account to change any settings (because its the only admin account). The process works fine with User A (admin) but not with User B (limited access).

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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  1. Simple idea first! Is there any reason why you can't change User B's account to be an Administrator Account? You could do this logged on as User A and use Control Panel->Users to change the account type for User B. If you need the restricted account for User B, we can figure out something else.

  2. It is mostly used by children so I need a restricted account on that. So what should I do to make it work?

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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