$200 Upgrade: Best Bang for Buck?

Looking to spend in the neighborhood of $200 or so, where am I going to get the most bang for my buck? I'm primarily an Adobe Suite user, with some casual gaming thrown in (Dishonored, Assassin's Creed, Crysis, etc.). Just go for more RAM? Add a second video card?

Windows 7 Home Premium
ASRock P67 Extreme6
8gig (2 x 4gig) G.SKILL Ripjaw Series DDR3 1333
Intel SSD (OS disk)
WD SSD (applications disk)
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  1. If i were in your position, I would have sold the i5 and bought an i7 as an upgrade. Just my opinion
  2. Is an i7 going to give me a better performance increase than say, another 8gig of RAM?
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