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I have a question which hopefully you can answer.

Router/Modem one is attached to the internet and transmits a wireless signal. My computer is connected to the internet via a wireless adapter, when I want to connect to my network HDD, printer , and home server (possibly a windows home server in the future) I just disconnect from Router one and connect to Router two. I want to know if it is possible to run a wired Ethernet cable in-between my computer and router two so I can connect to both networks. Wired to router two with the HDD and printer, and wireless to router one for internet.

Now here are the rules!!!

-I can NOT run a wire in-between router one and router two (by order of wife!)
-I can disable the wireless and/or DHCP on router two or even replace it with a switch.

If you have any good answers I would really appreciate them.

Thanks a lot,

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  1. My network HDD, printer , and home server (possibly a windows home server in the future) are connected to router two.
  2. are you setting up the network or your wife? Because the simpliest solution is to run a cable between the two routers. Its too much extra work and headache to disconnect from one router to connect to another router to access another part of the network. You connect all aspect and make it one large network that does.

    another potential solution is to get a wireless bridge. Its a wireless receiver that has a R45 port on it. How reliable it is I'm not sure but I've seen this device a few times. Maybe do a google search or see what linksys,netgear, dlink have on their web site close to this and see.
  3. Easy enough. I'll go ahead and presume you know your IP addresses.

    Router 1:
    Router 2:

    In my own setup which uses a linksys gamut of hardware, set router 1 as Gateway and router 2 as Router

    Nice security setup btw. 2 NATs are better than one :)

    Wireless bridge mdeezy? I think you can get away without it. Check the routing tables while you're poking around the IOS. You might be right enough turning off DHCP on router 2. A house only needs 1 DHCP server

    Is this what you're trying to do?

    INTERNET --- MODEM/ROUTER WiFi (router 1) -.-'-.-'-.-'- Router 2 --- Devices

    I've never needed to own more than 1 wireless router. I'd guess you probably could use router 2 as your wifi receiver. When you mention disconnect from Router one and connect to Router two, are you plugging RJ-45 in and out?
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