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  1. No freaking way... If anyone actually get this thing for 69.99 I will let them smack me over the head with it.
  2. newegg's had that one for a while. Their's ends tomorrow:

    edit:The Antec 900 as well:
  3. man i want that 900
  4. Yeah I just got my TT Armor in about an hour or so ago, and man is it sweet! It's very well constructed, and it's got all these tool-less features, and I'm gonna love it once I get my build finished!
  5. The Antec 900 is ugly.

    Good cooling, though.
  6. i got that last week too and i cant wait til i build my new computer but still decide with motherboard

    well its actually 160 at PC CLub but you will get 80 dollars back in mail rebate
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