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Built a new PC from parts. The Lite-on DVD RW drive is an PATA and came without a jumper or cable. I stared at it a bit and then decided that if there was no jumper, perhaps one wasn't needed. D'oh. Installed the drive and hooked it up, but the system doesn't recognize it. Hmmm. Perhaps it needs a jumper after all.

I would guess that I can get the jumper settings from the top of the drive, if I completely uninstall the #@$%@#$%, but I hesitate to do so -- not just because I don't want to remove 8 screws, but also because it was such a hassle getting the thing into place in the el-cheapo case I bought. Took brute force (pressing the drive down on some metal protrusions -- no rails) and some blood.

This is the DH-20A4P-04 model, hooked up to a Gigabyte S-series mobo. DVD RW is PATA, main HD is SATA. Mobo has connections for both flavors.

If anyone could tell me the jumper settings, I would certainly appreciate it.
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  1. Nevamind. Pulling out the drive and reinstalling it took less time than I thought it might. I suppose I had already wrestled the case into submission. Properly jumpered and all is well.

    Aside from the software hassles, but those aren't apropos here.
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