Video cards for rack-mounted servers

I am looking for good video card models that can go with rack-mounted servers. I need good video cards because I am developing an application that renders 3d graphics to movies, and decent 3d engine use graphics hardware.

I'm currently looking at an IBM x3650 as the server platform, but could not find information on video cards that are compliant with it (its specs says that it has 4 PCI express x8 slots). If anyone can help with that...
I can also consider using other servers for that purpose, if anyone has a better recommendation (the main application is CPU and GPU intensive).

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  1. if I'm not mistaken, rack mounts cannot have normal cards inserted into their slots...

    I may be wrong, though.

    Sorry I wasn't more help. :(

    Good luck with the hunt!
  2. So there are no video cards that I can put into servers? This sounds very strange... I hope someone knows such configurations and can help
  3. If you run a desktop style board in a 3U or larger chassis, you can install normal cards normally. 2U uses either half-height slots or riser cards, and 1U always uses a riser card.
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