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Im looking for drives for two boxes:

1. A nice Core 2 setup to replace my old AthlonXP box as my main system. Its mainly used for games and video encoding/DVD authoring. A single fast drive (but not stupidly expensive) I think would fit the bill. I'm thinking something like this Western Digital would fit the bill?

2. My old AthlonXp box is going to be my new file/web server. I'm looking to get over a terabyte across a couple drives so I can set them to raid 5, not for speed but to protect against drive failures. I know its not the best but a 50% price increase for the extra drive sounds better then a 100% increase just for backup.

I'm a bit stumped on what to get for this, speed is not much of an issue, price and reliability is however very important. I have a 500gb IDE drive (that's in my current server) I could use and just get two more of those, but I'd hate to sink money in a somewhat dying interface.

It looks like a couple terabyte drives (one internal, one external backup) might be a good option too, but I like the idea of having over a terabyte since you never get the full 1000gb anyway.

btw, the future file server uses an Abit NF7-S Motherboard with 2 SATA ports (onboard raid controller) so suggestions on a good 4 port pci raid card (if raid is deemed a good idea) would be welcome
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  1. I think what you need to do is figure out how many people will access your file server and figure out the max bandwidth usage.

    If you got 10 people accessing the file server but only 1 person at a time is accessing it VIA FTP then a mirror raid setup will work fine. You can use your two onboard SATA connectors. Put them in RAID 1 and you'll be golden. Save a couple bucks as well. If you have more than 10 people accessing it at the same time then you'll need RAID 5.

    I don't recommend RAID 0 for anything unless you want to lose your data.

    As far as RAID cards typically anything from Adaptec and LSI will work for you. It just depends how much you want to spend and the features you need.
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