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This is driving me nuts. I have a HP Pavillion media center (on Vista Home Premium) with a built in card reader. Everything was ok earlier until I used a mini SD card. After using the card, I ejected, then windows was in a hang state. I rebooted using the task manager, but it took so long to shutdown, I had to press the power off button. During that time, the light of the sd card was on even after I ejected. Then, when I started to boot windows, windows won't startup till I put the sd card back on the reader. It just stays on that part where Microsoft Corporation shows but doesnt boot up till I insert an SD card. I checked the BIOS, boot sequence in the bios, and everything in the bios, the boot sequence, and the BIOS itself is OK. I checked msconfig, and the bootup is OK. I even tried to uninstall the card reader from device manager or disable it, but still everytime I start windows, it won't startup normally unless I put the sd card on the card reader. The light on the card reader turns on when windows starts. I have concluded that this is a windows problem. Please help. I am not about nor am I ready to reformat my PC just because of this problem. I've searched the net for answers, but I cannot find one solution. Please help. Thanks.

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  1. Well I also found out that windows doesn't load unless I insert a SD card becoz the USB legacy is disabled in the BIOS. When I enable it in the BIOS, the BIOS this time won't load windows and will stay on "autodetect USB Mass Storage" (at this time, the light on the card reader will light up). I have to power off the computer, insert a SD card, power on the pc, and then BIOS will detect it and load windows. My question is, why does the BIOS and/or Windows have to detect if there is an SD card in the card reader before it completely boots and loads windows? Please help. How do I fix this?
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